Last weekend, we had the pleasure of a brief vacation to celebrate Thanksgiving. We went to a small town outside of Jinan called Dong'e. Jinan is about a 3 hr train ride inland and a bit north and Dong'e is a further two hour ride into nowhere. My excoworker, Wendy from Ohio, lives there now and Jon, I, and Erwin (friend and coworker, I'm sure I've mentioned him as he is AWESOME) were looking forward to our reunion.

The trip was everything I hoped for and more. On Friday we walked around town and then went out for donkey hotpot, which was soooo good!

The next day was all cooking, getting too familiar with a turkey, and then the feast. Wendy's lovely teaching assistant joined us and we got to share her first Thanksgiving.

Finally we decorated a tree and fell asleep watching Christmas movies. Technically no family, but it still felt all homey. Happy holidays guys!