In today's episode of Erin Eats Weird Things in China we bring you: Sea Cucumber.

Apparently the Friday dinners for my work staff are continuing. This week we walked along the waterfront to a buffet place. Buffet in China is MUCH better than any similar place I went in the US. I also really enjoy the Chinese culture around sharing a meal. They do not do things small. The host orders food for everyone, no concern is given to price, and lots of food is provided. Everyone enjoys themselves fully and eats like maniacs. In a typical dinner, all the food is in big platters in the middle of the table. You have chop sticks and a small plate to catch drips, but mostly people just share and pick out of a bazillion communal bowls.

After stuffing ourselves silly, the restaurant staff brought around small bowls of the local delicacy: sea cucumber. There are sold in nice grocery stores out of fancy cases with a special sales person to assist you. The walls are painted gold and red to emphasize the elegance and luxury. Well, I cannot pass up the opportunity to try weird food so....

The verdict: tastes kinda like bike tire and BO. Not something I would try again.

Oh yeah, this is my class (well, some of them. Actually 7 were absent that day).

Shi Lao Ren Beach in Laoshan, I like this place.

Elevator shot of a group of friends

Sunrise on my walk to work (this is in the middle of winter so nothing is green)

This terribly edifying mural on the wall at a bathroom.