Last weekend we went to Seoul, South Korea. I have attatched some pictures to show you all a little about our trip.

We spent Saturday dodging through markets and protests. I loved all the goodies in the market, and how Korea feels a lot like China, but more empty. Everyone seems to speak English, there are foriegners everywhere, and I saw a taco bell. However, the donuts are as disappointing as ever.
This guy was selling women's clothing in the market. He joked and hammed it up for the picture.
We stumbled across a Korean barbeque place for dinner. If you haven't had Korean barbeque stop reading now and go eat. It is fabulous!
The next morning we poked around the wonderful university district where we found good coffee and tacos!
Then we went sightseeing at Gyeongbokgung palace. It was beautiful and peaceful. Plus there were a bunch of highschool students acting as free tour guides for a class project and at least half the Korean tourists there were in costume.
And that was Korea. Lovely times were had by all. We will be returning for more tacos for sure. But first I want a few more colorful stamps...