A brief book club update since I haven’t done this in a loooooong time.

I haven’t had a chance to do as much reading as I would like, but really, when can one ever read as much as one would like? Really, books are the best. I also fell in to a somewhat embarrassing teen dystopia romance phase shortly after arriving…..

All that to say that my bingo board is somewhat shy on filled out squares, but I have a few. I have also been listening to a ton of audio books lately, which I thoroughly enjoy, but it’s not quite the same.

Midnight’s Children was very interesting. It took me forever to read, which is usually a sign that I don’t like a book. Not the case. I actually loved this book. It was interesting, complex (sometimes too complex) and the language was beautiful (a sure way to make me love a book is to write prose that occasionally borders on poetry.) It won the Booker Prize, which I then had to go look up. And the setting of India is a sure way to hook me. I love India.

I’m now knee deep in a collection of short stories called Rogues edited and contributed to by various mystery and fantasy writers. It’s a mixed bag, like most such collections. But I found a couple that were good enough that I would like to look up those authors elsewhere, so we’re calling it a win. Have you all read something good lately? Share with me your travels into the wonderful world of books! (and hum the reading rainbow theme song under your breath)