Sorry I didn't post last week. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year! Christmas in China was pretty low key. And we spent our New Year's Eve dancing to Latin music with a party of Eastern Europeans and Latin Americans and Spaniards. It was fabulous. Now we are gearing up for the true Chinese winter holiday: Spring Festival (which occurs in January this year) otherwise known as Chinese New Year.

As a preemptive celebration we had a dumpling making party at my kindergarten Getting to watch a roomful of moms, grandmas, and grandpas expertly roll and fill jiaozi like they've done it a million times (which they probably have) was grand fun. Getting to join in, and then finish the job with our school kitchen ayis downstairs, that was even better. I have had multiple requests for more photos. So instead of continuing to ramble on, I will just post some fun pics and call it a night.