So, I had no idea that it was International Women's Day. I had no idea that this meant huge strikes as the USA tries to deal with a day without women (ha, good luck, dudes). And I had absolutely no idea that this a holiday actually recognized and (sort of) celebrated her in China.

Today I was taken out of lunch because we had to "go to hit the bowl." This means dribble a basketball. What this has to do with women's day, I still have no idea But it was the chosen activity to celebrate women's day at my bizarre preschool. After a speech, a cleverly manipulative game, and the aforementioned bowl hitting we were all given a box set of shampoo and sent on our way.

Jon and I celebrated with the best thing yet, Indian food!!!! I had foolishly though that since India and China are neighbors, that Indian food would be accessible here. I was sadly mistaken. It has been a long, curry-lacking 3 months, but then I learned that there is a wonderful Indian lady living in Qingdao who will make homemade Indian dinners to order! She is an angel, and she has samosas!

(I was going to attach a photo here, but Instagram queen, I am not, so the food photo did not turn out yummy)

So, yes,, happy women's day to the AMAZING women in my life. You are all incredible people, fabulous humans, and my very favorite friends, aunts, cousins, sisters, and moms. Love you all!

And finally, some amusing selfies taken with FaceU (basically Chinese SnapChat)

Sooooo, this one doesn't actually have a filter on it, but maybe you should pretend it does....

And this is Emma, a future fabulous woman and an excellent little girl in my class.