So, China has a popular (to put it mildly) pastime known as KTV. I dunno what it stands for, but it is basically karaoke, in a small room. Just a group of your friends, a couple of bad microphones, and a tv or two with a karaoke game. You go in there and sing at each other for hours.

I know, sounds just like me right? I swore I would never do it, no matter how classically Chinese. So guess where I ended up on Friday night?

The vice principal of my school invited the whole staff out for dinner as a sort of moral building activity. But then as we're heading there I learn this is KTV.

The food was surprisingly good. Except this...

Yes, that is indeed, fruit salad, covered in mayonnaise, with sprinkles on top.

The KTV experience itself was not so bad. Yes, I did sing, it was a group thing, and I avoided the microphones.

And for more pretty pictures, on Sunday we hiked another "mountain."