Hello friends! I am coming to you live from Starbucks. Yes, really. We are mooching off their WiFi since ours won't be installed until tomorrow. Life in Qingdao is nice so far. I have seen very few pandas. We moved in to the apartment on Friday and have spent the weekend getting settled. We live on the 41st floor so the view is great . We can watch the sun coming up over mountains. Yesterday we bought a tree and decorated it while listening to Christmas music and eating Kelly's awesome cookies. (Yes, those are my earings). This morning we attended a fellowship meeting recommended by a new friend we met in line at the grocery store. All the expats we met have been super friendly, including a couple from UD.

It's hard to be terribly witty in Starbucks. (I think it's the canned atmosphere) so I'll just leave you with these photos.

P.S. If we haven't responded to you on Skype/email/whatever I am sorry. Be assured that moving to a new country is fun but time consuming. We will be able to respond to you more personally later this week.